New Year Soliloquy

What’s in a new year?  This is the new year spirit that I’d like to dwell for a very long time…

In a perfect world, it means we’re turning a new chapter of our life, and live another moment of grace, prosperity, health and all other great stuff other people might have never tasted them in a real world.

At the last twilight yesteryear, I didn’t think that I could be here again this time, to enjoy the last sunset, although it drizzles a little outside, the year which I believe most people have been cherishing because of what they have accomplished.

Different people, different destiny. Some people live in a royal palace, but don’t close our eyes, some people also live in a small dirty old shack, with the whole family.

Another person, another aim. One person wants to get another side job only to get assurance to maintain their crazy lifestyle. And another person just walks down the street, coming from one office building to another, to make sure they could get a new job to feed their family.

Life is… Seen as unjust, told as cruel, sounded like a nightmare but the attractions of its fairy tale and of its lifetime funfair make people believe to survive, to struggle but quite often also leave some people feel suicidal.

Life is… The holy grail, an empty one, after which everyone earnestly pursue. It is so empty that most of the time makes us too busy to work on how we fill it with the things we want, the things we need and we forget, almost always how we make it worth-living filled with joy, happiness and most importantly a feeling of “I think I have enough”.

Nothing else matters. Don’t live under the sun of glorious past. Don’t count any more time. Live the present and  just live it while it lasts!

And, in this part of the world where I am now, at least I know it in my mind, that new year has flipped. With the spirit of New Year, when one thing ends and the new ones comes in, let’s fill our lives with beautiful moments and ourselves being useful for others.

taken and edited from my New Year 2012 personal greetings

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