Winding Road

Personal Life Cycle

I’d rather break this down into: pre-presence, presence and post-presence.

Everyone and everything has a life cycle; it is well defined as product life cycle, or the term that is more applicable to mankind is personal life cycle [this is what I could come up with]. To make it easy and simple, we are born, we grow, we get sick and then we die; it’s the natural law it’s very normal and human, everyone knows it although sometime the process of growth doesn’t take a very long time for some people then they die.


What I’m trying to convey here is how we deal with situations or problems in our daily life by understanding the notion of personal life cycle and its three elements. I use it sometimes and it works too, and really helps you to elevate. Everything actually lies in the presence and here we are most of the time faced with real issues, where what you can do is look forward at the post presence and don’t look back at the pre-presence.

However, most importantly, we have to enjoy every single moment of the presence with our utmost enjoyment and capacity to learn from the excerpts life could possibly provide. This includes the people we encounter, the places we go to, the [fortunate and unfortuante] events we experience as well as the new cultures and traditions individuals and collectives created that we witness. When we see things from many different point of viewm which is not easy for everyone, things will get more clear to our logical perception. We can use both emotion and logic in perceiving daily occurences because they enable us to value things with our heart and our mind as they will impact to our soul transformation and that makes us real human.

Life consists of pre-, presence and post- are like sewing thread that gets tangled and it’s like pieces of big giant puzzle that we need to intertwined and put together to become a nice delicate cloth and image. From there we could see and read about what this is all about and sometimes all of a sudden you get astonished and dazzled because everything gets illuminated. Your life becomes so crystal clear and there will be no worries about things, at this point you might reach to the state of static euphoria that you have to maintain.

Five years ago, you might have found yourself sleeping in a not so good condition of a room and you try to recall what you felt and what you thought at that time; how you were and why you were there in that particular situation. It’s your pre-presence. It’s your lesson to learn. How you deal with yourself, how you understand yourself better from your past emotion and thoughts. In the presence, you find yourself laying in a comfortable bed and in a very cozy and well decorated room, end up thinking about your pre-presence, you learn and you take something out of it. You evaluate yourself. Aha, my emotion and thoughts have transformed over the last a couple of years and that makes me become who I am right now.

Different things could always possibly happen. The situation is in reverse. Your pre-presence was better than your current condition. Always take a look at them from many different standpoints. You are still here and alive; that’s essential. And look at your post-presence: what life could possibly offer, the hopes, the dreams and the blessings that the Almighty presents to you as the world’s greatest gift, you must go on. Try to understand the threads of your three lives, one heart and so many hopes. When you could hold them dear in your innerself, you have arrived to the paramount of static euphoria.

Life is not easy, after all, but we make it. Release all of your worries and unleash all of your capacities. One more thing, be patient at all times, because every little thing in life happens one at a time: so there will be time for you to be on top and another time to be down under. Cherish every moment! Like what some Indian friends of mine said, “kabhi kushi kabhie gham.”

Turning Older

Five Days To Go…

Turning a year older is not always easy to deal with…

The farthest destination of our journey is our past, and we can’t turn back time. What we can do is to appreciate the present and to cherish the future.

Most of the time we are afraid of getting older and that we are losing our youth. However much fear we have in our mind and heart, the end of life is also the end of our pretentiousness and that we will start to live a new life just the way it is, full of honesty and trust in ourselves. Any perhaps, we feel tired with this youth-ness when we have to pretend all the times of what we are not instead of being of what we truly are. We have to much fear and fright.

However, getting older, I believe, is a blessing for some. When we can learn and try to be wiser–like a life cycle.

And that there are actually so much things that we could when we age. As an old friend of mine said, “I found more excitements when I turn 28.” She looked so lively when she said it. And I just can’t wait to get there, and I got so much to prepare when the day comes…

Sometimes, we are so jealous, seeing other younger people succeeded in so many ways, easily. They could get everything they want without having made so much efforts. It seems that the whole universe is on their sides. And what about us? What about me? Sometimes, I thought and I wished I could go back to the past and did something differently. Or I wish I had known of the future as it is today and I could have taken totally different paths. But.. But this is my path and this is my way. I have taken different path that of paths of most other people.. Sometimes, I just feel so exhilarated and yet sometimes I feel regretful or thought how exactly I could catch up with all of these situations and the fact of having fallen behind. And it’s not easy to revolutionize our paths or innovate the road that no one had ever seen before.

This is my chance and this is my challenge. I gotta think differently and act not indifferently. The opportunities are scattered in front of me and I have to grab them and use them.

I know maybe it is too late but at least I try to awaken my long-sleeping enthusiasm and I got to go back into reality of fantasy. This is the awakening of my life, when I have to collect all the long-forgotten values of past life, and take the shadow over head away and stand on my feet and fight.

And yes, there is nothing that I regret of my past 27 years of life. It is time to move on and it is time for betterment. To be part of the dynamic change and live my life to the utmost bliss.

taken and edited from dated December, 2010

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