The Loverman

The Unrequited Love

The unrequited love it is
When days pass and nights fall
And my hearts longs for inner bliss
And my eyes stare empty on the wall

Love returns not
When all I feel is sadness
When my words just become dot dot dot
And I lost all the happiness

I’m running out of rhymes
And I don’t have much times
And life feels like eating a basket of limes
And I’m losing all of my dimes

Thought we really belonged together
And our love would be forever
But I was so mistaken
And the emotion we shared was forgotten

Now I live with this unrequited love
No matter how hard I try to get it back
I only keep the memory in my deepest agony
And all I have to do is find a way back into life…

The Thirteenth Amour

This is a story about falling in love with the same person all over again; after going through so many love life journey and learning from its experiences. Sometimes some people, including me, are having difficulties maintaining and developing love life, just for so many and even too many reasons.

People learn from different experiences, mistakes and challenges. Each love sometime and most of the times has different color and that we have to use different approaches and different events it provides to us to learn and grow wise. People learn from so many past love lives and learn a lot from them.

We experiment and we experience. And we carry the lessons we’ve learned along with us through our journey in search of forever-love life–an endless love. There we learn to love the same person again and again. It’s hard I know; I’ve been going through this myself. We get upset, we get tangled, we get depressed, and we are lost and we are suicidal.

In my fourteenth piece “The Thirteenth Amour” depicts this real life stories; how a person goes through eight different love lives at the early stage.  And as time goes and hear grows, a person tries to love one person over times, through happiness and sadness, through acceptance and refusal. Five straight times, a person nurtures the love he has for the one he really loves and holds dear in his heart and mind. Hardship, distance, laughter, tears and sleepless nights have tested and sharpened the love he grows in his soul. The thirteenth love is all he’s got now to live on. For the future awaits and the faith embraces.

Thirteen different colors have painted the life of the loverman and enriched his soul to be a grown-up man and to graduate from immaturity of a wanderer.

Loving and Being Loved

To love and to be loved are to make us “human” to give us a chance to feel the warmth of the sun from many different ways.

The world seems the most beautiful place to live in if we know very well that someone is loving us. And it becomes beyond beautiful if we requite the love we are given–this is to love. This can make our life upside down, inside out, to change completely. And we have to remember that miracles sometime and most of the time are coming from within us–this is the miracle to feel the love.

This not only could change ourselves but also the world and life that revolve around us–this makes our days more meaningful, filled with joys and happiness. It frees ourselves from hollowness, sadness and uncertainties–also fears and worries. It sometime shows us what is right and what is wrong, it sharpens our intuition.

Loving someone could travel us around the world, it travels us beyond the world itself. Our world suddenly opens wide and we could see a lot of things that we never saw or even we never imagined they existed. The signs, yes there are signs that we need to read and sometime we have to read between the lines, to understand what ourselves are capable of–to move a mountain, to bring the stars and many other things that we never thought we could accomplish.

When the days give up the sunshine to the nights, it’s manifested into the moonlight and the starlight; this is how loving and being loved are like. Throughout the days, over the nights the light is always there, no matter what–this is the beauty.

Most of the time, we can’t just explain what’s going on because it’s simply indescribable, but make sure we know that we give it a chance to grow and flourish and let it lead the way. Because you will be surprised by the path it goes through and where it eventually arrives: our home, our lost home–the other half of our soul…

taken and edited from dated February 2011

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