The Euphoric World

The Static Euphoria

Life dramas are like a flowing stream in the imaginary euphoric jungle…

This particular story engages courageous travel in search of wisdom and maturity, how one learns from the intense lessons life could provide and how one opens the heart, the mind, the soul for the process of learning, accepting and transforming with bigheartedness.  The understanding of the fact that every single part of the universe is so multidimensional that one can’t only see things from one and the same side of view. When one sees things from many different viewpoints and understands the notional truth of life–that it is always about process not about the closing stages–one has resurrected one’s Last Prince.

Our Last Prince will show up when we understand the essence of our search in life and when we see him, we have to sharpen our connection with him; he is our imaginary friend, he is our guiding star when we walk through the dark of night and even he is our shadow we walk walk on a bright day. And he will help you nurture your intense joy and excitement about life because you will be able to see things in a very confusing way yet positive, thus you’d always come up with optimistic and constructive thoughts, which surely it makes our lives more bearable.

The ideas of having found our Last Prince and felt the trancelike state of static euphoria have transformed myself into a totally new person that I never knew before. This happens very fast, it was so intense that in three months time, it felt like only three days or so process. I was so blissful to have experienced all of these life lessons and I did not only good, it was beyond great; and I don’t regret what it made me to be. The learning process engaged the series of fortunate and unfortunate events and it was quite hard to accept the combination in the beginning but I am happy to started taking ‘the lessons’ the first place–and of course to understand all of the risks is very important as it determines how we grow after learning those life-changing encounters.

Our day-to-day life goes ups and downs all the time, every now and then, we can’t escape no matter how fast we run and no matter how smart we deceit them: all we’ve got to do is to face them and it’s our daily battle, and we got tangled!

I stopped believing what fortune tellers said, what horoscopes in magazines predicted since many many years back but one thing that I always keep in mind that is sort of a mindset that I personally generated from a scientific finding that I read in a German book few years ago when I took German course at Goethe Institute back in my hometown Surabaya about one’s growth (through ages). I can’t really remember what it was but I came up with the conclusion that everyone has three chances to build up life direction; to where we are going to carry our lives and how we accomplish our dreams in a lifetime. I was even still teen aged, I thought I didn’t know what kind of situation I would fall into. And it’s a lesson; I became so hard on myself. I once got frustrated and depressed and so despair that I thought life was so unfair and God was being unjust to me until I saw death on my doorstep.

I was catching my breath from my constant asthma attack and when I felt my heart stopped beating but I still have my common sense of living not giving in. I was strangled and awakened from my sleep. I felt time was frozen and the earth stopped rotating. “God, I have been so wrong all of these times. I am helpless and I don’t see hope ahead of me. Look at me, I am so sick and dying and I see this coming.” I was talking to somebody or something, voiceless, in my head, no, in my heart through my floating soul. “If you are taking me now, take me painlessly but if you are giving me another chance to live again, I want to live in hope not to live in the past and give me your strength to carry on and accomplish what has been assigned to me…”

In a fraction of second right after I finished my last word, I felt it: my body was tossed, I caught my breath again and my heart started beating, and my life has changed forever.

Manic Interludes: The World of Our Own

I believe that everyone has one’s own world, full of our own fantasies, dreams and everything else about ourselves: thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions. Not forget to mention, principles in life. As for mine, as depicted in my painting, there are four elements that I’d believe everyone has to understand: the ship, the flower, the heart and the wings.

One’s world is determined by the books one reads, not necessarily books reading only, it could also be the places one travels, the people one befriends with but most importantly how one can open one’s heart, mind and soul to contain the whole world within them. By having this attitude, one wills to learn new things. We might disagree with what we all learn, but that’s natural for as long as we accept the disagreement, the argument and we understand what they are all about. Thus, we are reading the world.

Sometimes and often, those who travel thousand miles around the globe never learn because they’ve taken their opportunities and the ease of traveling for granted. And those who never even travel could tell thousand things about new places, cultures and peoples and that’s because they are willing to learn and share their knowledge with others.

While my world of my own consists of things that are unorganized, unarranged, and random. They are all over the place where I myself can’t even tell what they really are. But there comes a time on the interludes; it’s for me to stop and think again about my purposes in life, my (four out of so many) life elements to carry on. There I start gathering my common sense and sanity to build up a more just and sound world of my own: a world more predictable, organized and orderly although life will never be separated from uncertainties–they are always there. But our courage and faith will guide us to move forward to fulfill our duties.

So, don’t worry about things because everything’s gonna be alright (even if they’re not)…

taken and edited from dated December, 2010

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