New Year’s Fear and Spirit

January 1, 2007

Morning after going back from Alhambra Restaurant, 3:36 am

I feel so sad this time but people could barely see how I felt in the crowd of the loud music. I simply couldn’t hide the feeling. I was thinking about a lot of things. When they were enjoying the blast of the fireworks shot to the air, my facial expression suddenly changed. I felt so lonely. I was so afraid that the whole year I will be lonely. I believe that anything can happen in a second. So I thought that what I have now could be at anytime gone sometime this month or this year. It happened last year. I merely feel a little bit traumatic. That’s the reason of my fear.

I nearly lose the one that I love because I broke up the relationship – one-sidedly – there must be a solution to repair and fix it. I am certain that we do still love each other. Our love doesn’t fade away. But I am afraid that if the condition doesn’t change after a little while, it will get worse and I will really lose my love forever.

Human Beings

human beings are such small creatures, aren’t they ?
so don’t be too calculative on everything,
treasure every moment, do what you wish to do …..
broaden your view, broaden your mind,
don’t worry too much about things that are bothering you,
do treasure your life, live safely and peacefully,
always be happy to welcome the coming of the new day…
enjoy the sunshine …

always look at the brighter side of things …..

The Spirited New Year

I am simply an ordinary guy, but before you continue reading the next sentences, you’d better check out my weblog: and you can tell me what you think. Basically, I am a person who dislikes complication. I am a person who believes that nothing is impossible in this world.

I am a person who is very determined to make all my dreams come true with all possible endeavors, fast-, hard- and smart-working attitudes. I am a person who highly values commitment, dedication, integrity and professionalism. I am a person who will do everything to achieve what he is dreaming of. I am a person who will hardly try to be ‘the most fragrant flower’ among other flowers.

I am a person who will do his best as a useful and helpful person for everyone around him. I am a person who is charitable and likes helping those disadvantaged people to be happy. I am a person who likes to motivate and inspire others to listen to their inner voice to later find their true selves.

I am a person who likes reading people by watching what they do, what they say and gestures to absorb the positive energy to make this life more meaningful and valuable. I am a person who thinks that life is too short to waste; life is too short to do same thing again and life is too short to regret how and what we are.

Wake up, stand up and pick up your dreams out there. I believe that in this life there is nothing perfect, but through that imperfectness, we will find something great behind that leads us to the perfectness. I am a person who possesses a down-to-earth personality and thinks that himself is imperfect but is conscious that he must turn them into something that make him proud to be himself and to accept himself just the way he is.

Finally, I am just the way I am like others was born in this life to fulfill my responsibilities like other mankind do and will do my best and nothing but the best I can do. – Reiza –

taken and edited from dated January 2, 2007

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