Life: Privilege, Pace and Pursuit

Privilege To Be Somebody

Earlier I had an intense conversation with a friend from another part of the globe about Indonesian young people. I was told that I was pretty lucky that I get everything I need [and want] here. I am grateful that I have been showered with so many blessings in this life [which sometimes I don’t realize it], so it is now time to reflect before I sleep away the night.

This friend said that there was this Indonesian guy from a poor family background, who couldn’t even continue his study due to financial problems and of course if there is no support from anybody, this guy will never be able to strive for his education improvement. “He has no privilege to be somebody,” my friend said. And I quickly replied [without even thinking the true fact of life here], “no, everyone has privilege to be somebody!” But then I was silent in a fraction of second but I, sort of taking my words back and added “it’s true, sometimes, people [from poor family background] have no privilege in this country!” I started feeling sad and so profoundly moved by this conversational finding.

It is indeed difficult to struggle to be somebody in this country. I myself, also from a simple family background. My family is not rich nor has great influence to give me privilege. It goes on and on through a lot of sacrifices and struggles to bring me to this part of life. I am very fortunate and thankful that I was given a strong-will and inner strength to move on to achieve my goals. I never really counted on my family to succeed [sometimes though] but most of the time, I stand on my own feet and work with my own hands with sweats and tears. I just want to make this right that I never stand before my family or who they are; I always put them behind and stand for myself, because I know that in the end it is myself that can help me in times of great difficulties [like what I am facing currently].

I can say that it can be true that not everyone has privilege and it is almost impossible to have equal privilege for everyone here, but remember what are left for us to hold: courage, strong-will and faith to go on to accomplish our dreams. It is really easier said than done, but when you are so determined that you will never surrender, believe me that miracle will come to you and help you in so many ways, in so unpredictable ways that you never imagined it would be possible at your doorstep and ready for you to hold on to it. It all starts with a very small step before you get to the big leap of life journey. The processes are important for you to learn and experience and the destinations are for you to reflect and evaluate before you start yet another adventurous journey because life itself is a journey.

I sometimes wonder if the place [and time] where [and when] somebody is born differentiates our destiny. I believe that somebody who was born in a rich country could travel the world more easily and have more opportunities in life and excel in a very young age. Meanwhile, people who were born in a “not-so-rich” country like Indonesia could never even travel the world, could never even leave their hometown in a lifetime or even have more opportunities for employment or to develop themselves. This is the ecosystem that the Almighty created and the it will always be nurtured to make everyone understand and they will need one and another as human being–I could somewhat agree on this statement. But again,we can always give a try to make good efforts in life.

So, to be somebody doesn’t necessarily mean to really be somebody, somebody! We can be somebody for ourselves, somebody for our family, our friends, our society. It doesn’t really have to be “big” somebody. The most important thing is that we can be somebody for the smallest group of humanity then it will be carried on and passed on to a bigger and bigger community, that’s it. And to be this somebody, we simply have to be grateful for the things we have with us right now and make the most use of it to be helpful for at least at first ourselves [but not merely] then peoples surround us–for humanity.

Life is Like a DVD Player

I guess, this is time for me to pause…

Or maybe it is time to stop…

I’m not sure, I think I will just have to play…

Everyone has exactly the same 24/7: 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  What makes it different is how we can manage the 24 hours we have in a day. It’s not easy. Long ago I had been hearing and reading this proverb that the jobs given for everyone of us in a lifetime will not be as much as the time we have to finish all of them. To make it short: we have more jobs to be done than the time available to complete those jobs. Plus the distortion, the noises that come around us when we are “working”; let me say “progressing in life.”

We started life since we were all born and keep moving and living. As time passes by, we face problems, we deal with situation and solve them. When we are dealing with them, it is best that we “slow down” until we get along with them and feel comfortable to speed up again when we are about to resolve. But, but we really really have to “stop” or say “pause” for a while when those problems worsen. We need a break briefly and think about the solution quickly because we don’t have all the time in the world. Make a quick decision and start “playing” again. Here we are going to rely heavily on our problem-solving instinct and of course intuition. It is necessary to help us work “smart” so we don’t necessarily have to work “hard” because by working smart you can work fast and it will give you spare time to reflect and to tranquil, also to contemplate.

I keep telling my friends about this life pace analogy, because we can’t always move and move fast or stand still and do nothing: stop completely. We are not supermen nor statues. We are human and we’ve got brain that sometimes gets numb, but hang in there because you will get through it. Either with your problems solved or unsolved-floating. But you know what? Sometimes some things have to be left untouched. And remember some things also can wait till tomorrow, so we’ve to be able to identify them, not easy but we will get used to it.

So, when we are facing problems, we just have to slow down; understand the situation, consult yourself and seek for guidance and solution. Afterward, we can apply the solution to solve them. From slowing down to understand the thin red lines of the problems, we definitely learn something new. We become wiser, we become patient and we become advanced. It’s very lesson-rich situations in life, from which we learn so much about problem-solving. And this slow-down session will give us time to grow and for our mind to evolve; that’s what we call evolutionary thought because our mind is well fed with situations that help us to grow and develop ourselves.

I guess, here I gotta stop and also why I call life is like a DVD player. Because you can pause, stop and play again; even more complete, you can skip forward or backward and that you can control it with a piece of remote control. Technology helps us a lot in working out the solutions. I believe that this is much more complicated than what we’ve possibly thought of. I hope this short writing can give us all a better picture on how we shall react or act in life because, again, life is too short for all of us to complicate things and feel so troubled about a problem. Don’t worry, problems are like our best friends forever, they come and go and say goodbye after saying hello; so bear with yourself to survive and never surrender. There must be times when all of these have long passed when we can enjoy ourselves and our time.

So, when you don’t like your life you can press the “pause” button or even the “stop” button, till you understand the situation then you can press the “play” button again to live on…

Chasing Uncertainties

Life is just about it! Chasing uncertainties [among presumable certainties].

I was talking with a friend, a very good and honest friend [apart from knowing his current unfortunate mishaps, which I’m trying to help to get out of, hope it will work, although I understand that I also need to help myself to get out of just another kind of mishap] about what we really are looking for in life. Things seem to be going around in circle. Life isn’t as simple as what we read from books, nor it is as easy as you read in my blog. It is about how you feel it, about how you carry your experiences, intuitions, passions and loves. If you can feel what I feel through this writing, you feel confusion, despair, blister, yet you also feel hope that fades in and out, courage that almost grows old and determination that crazes for “psychological purification.”

We jump in from one point to another yet, our heart still trembles in the state where random feelings can’t be no longer compromised; where the pursuit of happiness doesn’t really matter anymore what matters really is a sense of acceptance and survival to go through the long-standing delusion of the notion of happiness in life. After all, life is also about suffering, we feel it, control it and manifest it as our efforts to encounter the torture. Feel the pain, and with bravery we purify it.

Life demands that we possess the conception of cultural versatility to adapt ourselves to the ever-emerging and -changing natural phenomena, to which we can’t give desertion; all we can do is, again, to harbor to acceptance and understanding to overcome the circumstances. It is hard, but we learn. Never too close to perfection, but we try. Not that satisfactory, but we improve. It sounds too all over the places, that’s about it: uncertainties.

Now, it is the reconciliation plan. Understand that uncertainties will always be around us and our day-to-day life is surrounded by them. We can’t escape. And the most reasonable and rational way to deal with it is to blend with uncertainties. Both are not inseparable, but they are interrelated. We are to understand the idea of intertwinement. Cherish every moment as you don’t have all the time in the world, and caress every moment as if you live forever.

Feel good about it. Be happy. Stay optimistic. Think positive and always encourage yourself to rise and rise again until you awaken the falling and fading stars within you to shine and warm your inner strength again. Always give a second chance, because life is also about it. To fall and to rise again over time, like the natural system of day and night, like there are always the sun and the moon that take turn to show their beauty through the daylight and the nightfall. Like there is always the opposite for each and every single thing and matter.

And I just feel that my mind is running out of phrases. My mouth shuts. My brain numbs. And my heart freezes.

Take a stand, your soul is still alive! Heal the wounds, ease the pains and mend the bruises.

[no words can’t be spoken, no ideas can’t be thought of and no emotions can’t be felt] I just don’t know and I don’t understand what is happening. It hurts and it almost explodes. Just get it out, out of myself.

It is like stories that run out of (good or bad) ending. It just stops, it doesn’t revolve and it steadily stands. But it is not to be deserted. Put it aside for a while. Look for the answer elsewhere, especially what you have within you, around you. Just don’t go too far. Get back when you get it. And get ready to move on when you think you are well prepared. In the end, uncertainty is indeed life itself, so bear with it, go slow, calm down and try to be as certain as you could possibly be! [by making plans]

Your time is your sword! [use it and sharpen it]

taken and edited from dated April-May, 2010

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