Jittery Life

Reflection: blessings to be grateful for…

Time flips, sweat drips. Life has given me the jitter, in Jakarta.

It seems that only about a month ago that I made my prayers to God to move my life upward, when I needed shelter, wanted jobs and stability. After so much struggle, pain, hard work, hospitalization, everything had passed; I went through it.

Although I apparently feel so weak, I am trying to write something after so many months of idleness. Here I just want to thank God for all the blessings showered to me the last year. A lot of good people to meet, beautiful places to visit, old friends to reunite, experiences to feel, mistakes to learn and the most important thing is the gifts that I have to nourish.

I suppose that is the best way of expressing gratitude so much to keep and so much to share that it profoundly moves us forward to the next level of achievements. I can’t even count how much blessings and care God has been sharing with me the last months, I can never thank enough. From the day I realized that my old accomplishments meant nothing to the world, isolated, helpless, but I somewhat never surrendered. I kept trying, searching and finding to harbor my ship to the place where I am now.

Losing and gaining are parts of life. Move on and look for more. It’s not easy, definitely not easy to maintain how you could carry on or even start all over again. It’s hard and difficult but hold on, stay with yourself. Figure things out and put yourself together will help you to survive. Keep trying, working and praying and rest assured that your attempts and efforts will result something, even if you have seen nothing ahead of you, something will appear for us along the way and it belongs to us, for a while.

Some people fail, some people succeed. Some people give up, some people survive. Hope is within the heart of every human being, keep it, nurture it, challenge it but don’t lose it. It is important to always have it in any given time or place. Hope lightens up your way to your desired intention.

taken and edited from mohammadreiza.com dated December 14, 2009

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