My 23rd piece: "Beginning To See the Light"
My 23rd piece: “Beginning To See the Light”

Imaginary figure of myself, chapter by chapter, can be read clearly in this emotive blog. By reading the complete parts of the monologues, I hoped that you can read me as a person in the human beings. This blog was born due to the dark and difficult times I experience in my lifetime. Even though these monologues won’t tell you the A-Z of my life, I still hope you can get some life lessons from this blog. Being able to understand the writings means you nearly understand me, not completely, but at least you get some illustrations about myself.

The monologues describe myself, as a person who keeps searching for his purposes of life. Getting involved in some challenging, sometimes boring adventures. Looking for success, which is actually not his destiny but more likely his journey. Building good personal characters as well as surviving his tough conscience. Searching for his valuable self capabilities and talents to be explored further and creating a good self image. He is finding out the true meaning of friendships and relationships in case he can’t keep good connections with his friends for a long period of time. He always suffers in keeping up the communications between him and his friends, and even himself.

taken and edited from mohammadreiza.com dated December 5, 2006

The pages in this blog are based on the “balls of life” that I believe and embrace to be my own balls of life that are either made of rubber or made of glass: Family, Friends, Health, Spirit and Job plus Education and Love. I believe that over the years I will have to create another ball of life as we understand that the world and the time change, for a simple example: we don’t have to walk for miles and miles to get to a place from our place; we now have airplanes.  And because of technology, we don’t have to send letters that can take days for the person to receive it; we now have email and we now even have an app to be able to see another person in our computer and talk with them.

Time changes, the world changes and we have to change as well to be able to keep up with what’s going on around us and to make sure that we’re not left behind swallowed by rapid development and eaten by our own pride and ego of not changing. So, is the concept of “be yourself” still relevant in this communication technology age?

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